Mungall Park Shelter

A dear green place…

The Green Shelter in Mungall Park is full of local history. The green timber shelter has stood onsite in Mungall Park for over 70 years, it is a popular spot with dog walkers and ramblers avoiding the rain and provides ample viewing onto the playing field when a kick-about is taking place.

The shelter has been a meeting point and social spot for Crieff residents and visitors to the area throughout its , with one family using it for family BBQ / Picnic annually for over


Our community engravings…

Can you tell us who is responsible for the engravings below?

Eternally a romantic, I set about taking photographs of all the legible engravings in our shelter prior to it being dismantled. As a result I am keen to discover what happened to the loved-up youngsters who have engraved their names on the shelter over the years… The oldest I could find was 1985 (as I child of the 80’s I can confirm that this is indeed old!)… it got me pondering… are the others older? are the couples still together? PLEASE let me know!

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